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A Focused Approach:

Existing formal education system alone cannot meet the growing demands of trained human resource. AISS therefore has been created to design, develop and execute innovative educational and training programs which intends on skill enhancement of the learners through online collaborative platform & supported by hands-on training with an emphasis on practical applications. The key feature is constant supervision, counseling & mentoring by subject experts.

The main focus of AISS is to create human resource of excellence with a multi disciplinary approach. AISS is presently engaged in designing a series of HR development programs for those who are presently working under healthcare sector or aspiring to develop their future career in social sector including healthcare, education, environment and hospitality.

Vision of AISS:

Achieving astronomical heights in organizational excellence.

Mission of AISS:

Aims to achieve its vision through Research, Training, Education, Consultancy and Networking in regional, national & global environment.


Six Verticals of AISS:

AISS strives to achieve excellence in developing human resource by running educational and training programs of varied nature addressing the gaps in skill and knowledge in the existing system of education and training in both public and private sector. AISS is operational through 5 major verticals:-

  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Communication and Management
  • Geriatric Care
  • Publications
  • Networking with Stake holders
  • Research and Project management

Social Determinants of Health (SDI): This vertical works on a comprehensive review of literature in both communicable and non- communicable diseases and design HR programs for education and training of human resource (either working or aspiring to work) in the area of healthcare administration and management.

Communication and Management (CAM): Developing training modules and their application in the area of communication and counseling skills, interpersonal relations, behavior modification, leadership and resource mobilization is the mandate of this vertical. All programs under this vertical are geared to overcome the short comings in performance rooted into human perception, belief and values for the purpose of optimal achievement in the organization

Geriatric Care (GC): AISS undertakes educational programs, trainings, research, evaluation and pilot testing of concepts in the area of geriatric care, ageing and issues related to ageing. AISS addresses inter generation gaps in health care. It carries out its services to the geriatric population through school children and college going students, identifying health problems of varied nature and bringing this support valued group into an inter face situation withcare givers at individual and institutional level. This vertical also runs short and long term educational programs for service providers in facility settings. Online educational programs for medical, nursing, paramedical personnel and specialists have also been catered keeping in view the availability and convenience of the care givers

Publication AISS through this vertical attempt to reach a wide range of professionals from different disciplines which are directly and in directly related to the provision of healthcare and healthy ageing in public and private sectors. It also publishes journals with innovative themes and highlights issues and discussions on public health, healthcare quality and management, environmental health, medical care and geriatrics.

Networking with Stakeholders: AISS in its effort towards strengthening health care delivery for the beneficiaries adopts a catalytic approach and establishes sustained linkages with organizations in public and private sector to assess their felt need for human resource development.
Research and Project management: AISS, an offshoot of Astron group having a strong commitment towards quality assurance conceptualizes each project with an evidence based approach. Hence, is focused towards capacity development programs in the area of research methodology professionals and managers in private organizations involved in planning, programming and designing activities. It also undertakes research projects for state and central government and international organizations.

Disclaimer: The contents of all material prepared, produced and published by Astron Institute of Social Sciences including but not limited to the course material of Astron Institute of Social Sciences and the contents available on this website are copyrighted by Astron Institute of Social Sciences unless otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved by Astron Institute of Social Sciences, and the content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of Astron Institute of Social Sciences. Copyright infringement is a violation of law subject to criminal and civil penalties.

AISS focuses on Quality in Health, Education and Environment

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